Monday, December 31, 2012

Petition the White House... Act on Gun Laws. More so and more so, it seems it is the fearful and madmen who most vocally argue the right to bear arms. The longer the debate goes on, I am beginning to find a sickening irony in my beloved nation’s claim of being a melting pot. We are becoming a stew of mad fear…a meal of no nutritional value in this regard. I can see the side of those who do not want to change the gun laws in the US. Further, I can concede understanding how gun advocates see our most recent tragedy’s outrage as knee-jerk and reactionary. It is a sad day in our grand experiment when the actions of a solitary madman can lead us to throw away the very rights and privileges that helped found our nation. I see and appreciate that. I’m the last who wants liberty to give way to fear, to wake to find us falling overs ourselves in some panicked dash from potential danger, and this so much so that we trip blindly from the independent spirit that saved us once from tyranny only to flip headlong into the unknown arms of legislation that could be nothing more than another briar patch of oppression. At the same turn, I am too broken, too angry now, to idly watch on as fools arm themselves to the teeth against threats imagined. I will not remain silent as my flesh and blood may be falling deeper into harm’s way as a result of a neighbor’s fear and delusion. I will not trust John Q. Public next door over my elected government. Dysfunctional as that government may be at times, it is not nearly as capable of being as damaged as a single man, a man such as the one who just an hour from my home killed all those children the same age as my own boy who was enjoying his day in kindergarten that morning as were those sons and daughters at Sandy Hook. This single event, this solitary madman, he has struck now one time too many. In this hour I know who I fear more and who I trust more. I fear the fool with an arsenal. I trust my government. Or, at least, I’m trying to. I want to see us, as a nation, find a compromise. Legal and reasonable gun ownership for those citizens that prove they are worthy and capable of holding that power and privilege.

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