Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Kirkus Reviews Review


Tragedy befalls a small town in the 1950s Deep South when the Klu Klux Klan’s arrival coincides with an unraveling of long-held family secrets.

A suicide gunshot rattles the humid air in this bleak but often beautifully crafted tale of cultural strife in the Southern town of Melby. During one particularly sweltering summer, the Sayre family tries to cope with the stifling heat. Since the childhood death of his brother, farmer John Sayre has held a terrible secret, one that comes to bear on his marriage, his status in town and his relationship with his young son, Timothy. [REDACTED FOR SPOILERS] Frances Sayre fears her husband has taken up with the Klan, [REDACTED FOR SPOILERS]. Her discovery, Buckshot’s secretiveness and the increasing boldness of the town’s bigots and its reprehensible minister all sit heavy in the uneasy, oppressive heat. The cicadas incessantly hum in ominous chorus. Everyone is being watched: [REDACTED FOR SPOILERS], the gravedigger sees visitors to the lynched man’s grave, the mockingbirds eye the old family cat in the last hours of its life. The town’s animals, wild or domesticated, play as big a part as any of the well-drawn characters in the tragedy. Nature’s cruelty—and occasionally, its beauty—foreshadow and echo the townspeople’s wicked acts. Only beautiful Cicada remains a mystery. Like the female cicada, she causes the frenzied men to buzz and drone around her in hopes of attracting her bewitching affection.

Be sure to read this steamy Southern noir in the A/C.

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  1. Not a bad review, Eric, but probably not as enthusiastic as you'd have liked. I wonder how many of their reviews really are enthusiastic. What have you decided to do with the review, if anything?


    1. Yes, I was a bit disappointed in that it was more synopsis than review.

      But I do plan to use "beautifully crafted tale" and "well drawn characters" along with the final line in the promotionals I have planned.

      Thanks for the interest!